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Maury's Story -The Tea Bag Reinvented


As a Fitness enthusiast and personal trainer, I needed to find an alternative to energy drinks to recommend to my clients and family. Already being a black tea drinker, I was encouraged to drink green tea to enhance my immune system to fight a head cold, I sought a more convenient way to sweeten tea with honey.  The inconvenience of liquid honey, including messy utensils, seemed to call for a better solution. 


I couldn't find anything!  So I invented it myself.

I have created a unique tea bag that includes both premium black or green whole leaf tea with granulated honey . 

I introduced it to my clients, friends and family and  

Maury's Hive Tea™ was born.

I encourage you to try my tea and Join "The Hive"

Est. 2014


Maury's Green Tea

 Maury's Green Hive Tea is a premium whole leaf tea with honey granules added in a pillow-style tea bag.  Enjoyed by people in China for thousands of years for both its flavor and health benefits, green tea is a popular choice for quality-sensitive and health-conscious consumers.  

Maury's Black Tea

 Maury's Black Hive Tea is a premium whole leaf tea with honey granules added in a pillow-style tea bag.  Now you can enjoy the benefits of tea and the great taste of honey in a convenient form that can be taken anywhere.  

Brewing Tips & Nutrition


  • Add tea bag to 10-12 oz cup of steaming hot water.
  • Cover cup while the tea brews.
  • 4 minutes for a hint of honey sweetness.
  • 5 minutes and more for a sweeter honey taste.


  • Serving size 1 tea bag (9g)
  • Servings Per Container: 12
  • Calories 28
  • Sodium 1mg
  • Carbs 7g
  • Sugars 6g

             Ingredients: Granulated Honey 

             (Cane Sugar, Honey) Tea                                                                


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