Whole Leaf Tea. Granulated Honey. Nothing Else!

Pure, all-natural ingredients is what you want (and deserve) – and The Hive delivers!

At Maury’s, we believe in only using premium quality ingredients with lasting, healthful benefits for your body, heart, and mind. Our blissful blend of sweetness comes from an all-natural source of sugar: granulated honey. With Maury’s Hive Tea, you control the sweetness. The longer you steep, the sweeter it gets!
We use whole leaf green and black tea in every blend, sourcing from the best locations around the world.

Want to feel your best? Then fuel your body with the best! Whether you’re rushing to work, gearing up for a long day of shopping, pushing through that 3pm crash, or simply giving into a little sweet indulgence after dinner, our all-natural ingredients will leave you feeling your best, all day long.

Premium Ingredients. Premium Taste.

We brew the best because you deserve the best!

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