…It all started with a little headache!

We get it – it’s a weird way to start a story, but, hey, it’s the truth.

This is how Maury’s Hive Tea got its amazing start.

You see, fitness and wellness professional Maury Pittman, had a headache one day - you know the kind, where the pain doesn’t subside no matter what you do. It just throbs and throbs and seems as if it’ll never stop.

Later that same day, as Maury was desperately trying to power through, a friend recommended some green tea to him and while it did help, he absolutely despised the taste.

And who can blame him?

Let’s face it – not all teas are created equal!

So, Maury decided to get creative and started playing around with different flavors and recipes to make his green tea, well, better. After all, it was a lifesaver with his headache, but the taste had to be perfected!

So, he buzzed around his kitchen until he got the magic, all-natural recipe just right.

…And that’s how Maury’s Hive Tea was brewed for the very first time!

Maury knew he had something life-changing – a special blend of smooth sweetness that he just had to share! As a single father of two and a fitness trainer, he knew there weren’t many drinks like this out there. So, he got to work.

…And the rest is Hive history!

Ten years later, Maury is still making his own uniquely blended tea bags, each filled with the perfect mix of whole leaf tea and sweet granulated honey. A tea-riffic combination!

Maury is dedicated to delivering the best possible product to his customers, every time.

He continues to use only the best, highest-quality teas and granulated honey to ensure that every cup is pure deliciousness!

So, whether you’re enjoying a fresh cup hot or cold, on-the-go or snuggled up on the couch, we invite you to experience the robust flavor and all-natural benefits of Maury’s Hive Tea.

…Because every cup is sweetened with honey and infused with love!

Just for You!