Factors To Consider Before Selecting A Honey Tea

Honey is first and foremost an organic food resource. It's aesthetic, sensory, and medicinal effects are a bonus. And it is a very popular and recipe-friendly health product. You get honey tea by combining it with another natural product - whole leaf tea.

Honey and tea mixture is rich in micronutrients and antioxidants. They replenish the body and prevent cellular damage or deterioration. Both natural substances boost your body's immunity and fight against diseases. Select a first-rate honey tea based on these key selection criteria:

  1. High Value
    A food product or beverage has to offer higher value. Maury's Hive Tea passes this test due to its superior health benefits. The product combines organic substances - only tea and honey - in the perfect mix in every bag.
  1. Simple Ingredient List
    Maury's Hive Tea uses only premium granulated honey and robust whole tea leaves. Even a single packet of this product has maximum nutrients. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, natural sugars, and essential oils. These components provide calories, micro-nutrition, and medicinal benefits to the body.
  1. Sustainability
    Both honey and tea are eco-friendly, natural substances. They are produced organically by plants and insects(bees). Human involvement is restricted only to the production and processing steps. The beverage does not contribute to environmental degradation or pollution.
  1. Brand Image
    The online and offline markets are filled with run of the mill items. Food and beverage products have to be safe, reliable, and beneficial. A branded product like Maury's Hive Tea is easy to identify and trust. Its brand image is built upon first-grade quality and affordable pricing policy.
  1. Subscription Model
    A subscription model is suitable for the next generation of consumers. You can subscribe to Maury's Hive Tea and receive monthly supplies. The tea boxes will be brought directly from the source and delivered home. As a tea connoisseur, you will never run out of supplies.

Qualitative Factors

  1. Appearance­
    Chopped leaves and dust powder are a strict no-no. A whole leaf appearance symbolizes first-grade nutrition. It will have all the essential oils and compounds for a healthy drink.
  1. Aroma
    When you brew the tea, it emits a pleasant smell. This aroma signifies superior tea quality and it is safe and dependable. The sweet scent is healthy, enjoyable and highly cherished by all drinkers.
  1. Color
    The strong color of a cup of Maury's Hive Tea reflects the robust whole leaf tea used in the brewing process.  The color of tea leaves depends on the extent of oxidation. The more beautiful the cup, the better the quality.
  1. Flavors
    The flavor combines a sense of taste with a sense of smell. So, you taste the tea and enjoy its aroma to catch the flavor. Maury's Hive Tea offers a robust flavor that is perfect for all consumers.
  1. Organic Standards
    Organic certification refers to the natural quality of tea leaves. The best organic tea leaves are plucked and made in every bag of Maury's Hive Tea. They assure an acceptable, tasty cup of hot tea.
  1. Premium Sweetness
    Premium granulated honey is pure and allows for the perfect level of sweetness for every drinker.  The longer you steep, the sweeter it gets.