Why Tea Is Preferable To Coffee

Tea and coffee are both beverages with global popularity. They are both brewed and drunk with hot water, and milk. Sugar is also added to a steaming cup to make it sweeter. The battle between tea and coffee lovers is unresolved and ancient. People have different tastes, preferences, and choices.

So, It is very difficult to say one is superior to the other. But tea is slightly ahead of coffee in terms of general acceptance. It also offers a wide range of nutritional and health benefits. Moreover, tea recipes are diverse and tend to satisfy connoisseurs better.

Tea Vs Coffee

  • Tea is produced from the leaves of a plant grown in South Asia. It is an evergreen shrub or small tree called Camellia Sinenisis. Whole leaves have better quality than dust or chopped leaves.

    Coffee is extracted from the beans of a small shrub or tree. This plant known as Rubiaceae is native to Southern Africa and Tropical Asia. The beans are grounded or roasted for flavor.
  • Tea is brewed in hot water to generate a pleasant, aromatic smell. It also tastes better on the tongue and lips. You consider it as a milder beverage with cultural and traditional significance.

    Coffee is also brewed in hot water but has a stronger scent. It does not taste as well and is bitter to the tongue. It is a harsher beverage with its unique popularity.
  • Tea can be mixed with a wide variety of herbs and spices. Honey Tea, for example, is a natural energizer with multiple health benefits.

    Coffee does not go well with herbal and spicy ingredients. A strong cup can have an energizing impact on the body. But cold or hot coffees with extra cream and sugar have negative effects.
  • Some popular tea varieties include black, white and green. The drink is also prepared with ginger, lemon, cinnamon, honey, and berries. It has a wide range of robust, choicest flavors.

    Coffee includes filtered, unfiltered, and instant varieties. Some drinkers like the dark and bitter taste on their tongues. Others avoid coffee due to its disagreeable taste and strong smell.



Both tea and coffee have a nerve stimulant called caffeine. But tea is preferable to coffee as it has lower amounts of caffeine. Coffee due to its higher caffeine content can become a serious addiction. Tea, on the other hand, is a more refined drink that can also be served with biscuits and cookies.

Coffee and its caffeine can make you hyperactive.  The filtered, brewed, and instant varieties have more than 100 mg caffeine in a cup. While white, green, and black tea contains 20 to 60 mg in a cup. The stronger coffee can make you restless, sleepless, nauseated, and anxious.

Healthy Tea

The antioxidants in tea have therapeutic, medicinal properties. Tea can keep you awake, mindful, calm, and focused. It can fight cancers, and damage to DNA, bones, and teeth.

Unfiltered coffee increases bad cholesterol or LDL. It is not good for pregnant women and can lower blood supply to the heart. All in all, tea is a much more preferable drink when compared to coffee.